Software — Stack — for Massively Geo-Distributed Infrastructures

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One Paper Has Been Accepted at FMEC 2018

Cache-Based Side-Channel Attacks Detection…

One Paper Has Been Accepted at SCA 2018

On the Performance of Spark on HPC Systems: Towards a Complete Picture

One Paper Has Been Accepted at CCGrid 2018

Nitro: Network-Aware Virtual Machine Images Management in Geo-Distributed Clouds

Invited talk at Biosphere 7 meeting organized by Institut Français de Bioinformatique

Compositional security and privacy for biomedical analyses using shared genetic data

aLife Workshop: Contribution of Software-related Research at Factories of the Future

The French engineering school IMT Atlantique is organizing the aLIFE workshop between industry and academia, in Nantes during two days on January, 30-31 The objective of this workshop is to share various experiences and success stories, as well as open challenges related to the contribution of software-related research to Factories...

Two Papers Have Been Accepted at CLOSER 2018

A Model-based Architecture for Autonomic and Heterogeneous Cloud Systems

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